Direct mail improves the customer experience

The internet plays an increasingly active role in brand management today. It has long been believed that social media could provide an easy outlet for businesses and consumers to speak with one another. However, a recent report conducted by StellaService found that a majority of e-retailers fail to respond to customer questions in a timely manner. The study examined how 20 U.S. retailers responded to general questions posted to their Facebook walls, and five of the largest subjects failed to respond to a question posed on their profiles. In addition, 13 retailers did not respond to a question posted within the comments section of their own status updates.

Marketers can use direct mail to engage with buyers
It is important for marketers to consider how their outreach programs can greatly influence higher sales and reputation. While many people chose to interact with companies online via Facebook, Twitter and various other outlets, those platforms do not always provide the right medium to communicate with people effectively enough. Of course, responding to posts in a timely manner is always appropriate, but businesses that want to let their loyal customers know that they’re listening may want to use direct mail solutions.

If a consumer posts a question on a brand’s wall asking how to care for his or her new denim purchase, marketers should offer as much assistance as possible. At first, it’s important to respond to the person by providing him or her some quick advice to use immediately. However, it may also be worthwhile to request his or her contact information and send a more thorough guide that promotes good denim care and offers a coupon to use in the future. A response of this nature would show the customer that the company cares, wants his or her jeans to last and encourages a future purchase down the line.

A direct mail campaign needs to look the part
Direct mail offers vital information to recipients, which can improve a business’ reputation. But the content needs to look great if marketers want people to engage with the content. It may be worthwhile to employ the help of printing services that specialize in web to print solutions. These professionals can take a digital concept and transform it into an appealing print campaign, featuring resonating graphic elements and crisp, clear text. When it comes to providing superior customer care, brand managers need to use digital and print outreach methods to improve the overall consumer experience.