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Associates International is an essential business and will remain open and in production through the State of Delaware’s coronavirus shutdown.

To Our Customers, Vendors and Partners: As news about the Coronavirus continues to evolve, Associates International (Ai) is closely monitoring this developing situation. We want to assure you that we have business contingency plans in place designed to address potential impacts. As a provider of Print and Related Services, Ai is an essential business and will remain open and in

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2020 Ai Mailing Guide – Now featuring USPS Informed Delivery

On January 26, the United States Postal Service’s new mailing rates went into effect. As a commercial printing and direct mail services provider, we know how postage rates and specifications can impact marketing programs so we’ve updated our annual mailing guide to help you navigate the changes. The 2020 Commercial and Nonprofit Mailing Guide includes new rates, mailing specifications and details

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Digital Response Down? Try Reconnecting with Digitally-fatigued Customers through Print Marketing.

It’s not difficult to scour the internet these days and find articles proclaiming the death of print marketing or, more specifically, direct mail. The common assumption is that digital marketing is more effective because some channels, like email, are essentially free. But what if your customers are not reading those emails, or they treat digital ads as noise? Studies are

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Use these print finishing options to elevate your brand in 2019

The New Year has arrived, and marketing teams are planning how they will make their brands shine in a crowded 2019 marketplace.  While many marketers continue to use print to deliver their brand’s message, opportunities abound to not only improve the impact of their printed pieces, but to augment them as well. We don’t need to tell marketers that design,

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The only constant is change: USPS rates set to increase January 27, 2019

On January 27, the United States Postal Service’s mailing rates are changing. As a commercial printing and direct mail services provider, we know how postage rates and specifications can impact marketing programs. What’s Changing While several First Class rates are increasing, some are staying the same as 2018, such as single piece postcards and flats. Presort and automated rates are

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3 simple steps to transition alumni from passively engaged to actively donating

Our alumni fundraising efforts need a boost, but we don’t have the technical capabilities or staffing flexibility to keep them engaged. There are too many channels to choose from. These are just a couple of the challenges higher education fundraisers face when trying to connect with and drive alumni behavior. At the same time, new marketing channels are constantly evolving.

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Use direct mail to maximize your digital marketing and elevate nonprofit fundraising campaigns

Nonprofit marketers know that capturing potential donors’ attention is paramount to fundraising success. While digital marketing and automation has opened new opportunities to reach audiences, breaking through the clutter without breaking the bank is increasingly difficult. With the right approach, incorporating direct mail fundraising can help nonprofits economically achieve their goals with measureable results. Maximizing the return on investment (ROI)

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What do vinyl records, books and direct mail have in common?

Answer:  As technology has advanced in recent decades, all three (especially direct mail) were left for dead by some experts. We now know, however, that those experts were wrong. The reality is that many people value items they can touch and feel. They want something tangible or nostalgic, like a record, or to simply enjoy leafing through the pages of

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