Large-Format Services: Flexible Materials;Branding To Scale;Mounting Options

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Large-Format Services

Leveraging Ai’s Creative Services Cr and Branding Br expertise, your Large-Format Lf projects can be uniquely designed, produced and displayed to maintain brand integrity more cost-effectively than ever before. The full-service capabilities of Ai’s Large-Format Services enable flexible material and finishing options, from high gloss or matte photo paper and canvas to clear or specially coated vinyl or acetates for backlighting. Coupled with multiple mounting options, your posters, signs and oversized two-dimensional prints can be produced for indoor or outdoor use to make your brand stand out in any environment.

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Interior signage for retail, financial services, restaurants and movie theaters
On-site/In-store signage
Corporate motivational/inspirational posters
Bus, train and taxi advertising
Sale and directional signs


High gloss or matte photo paper and canvas
Clear or specially coated vinyl or acetates for backlighting
Chip, foam, magnet-receptive and dry-erase board mounting options
Optional plastic and adhesive-backed mounting

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