Ai Connect Storefronts: 24/7 Ordering;Fulfillment;Inventory Management

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Associates International, Inc.

Ai Connect Storefronts—Marketing Asset Portal

Ai Connect Storefronts are a Cloud-based, custom marketing and sales asset portals designed for simplicity and easy integration with your company’s infrastructure, delivering a flexible and responsive online store. Ai Connect Storefronts provides24/7 ordering, fulfillment and inventory management for sales and marketing collateral, promotional products, apparel, employee gifts, stationary, business cards and other branded materials.


A perfect solution for customizable document templates using variable data interfaces allowing your team to create personalized collateral while maintaining brand integrity. Common applications include sell sheets, brochures, stationary, catalogs, business cards, direct mail postcards and more.


Whether you need easy selection, ordering and management of promotional products or a consumer retail solution, Ai Connect Storefronts provide your internal and external customers an easy-to-use interface to order the items they want and need. Back-end inventory controls give your marketing, production, purchasing, fulfillment and distribution teams seamless access to ensure branding, budgets, production and workflows align.


Our Storefronts allow your company’s internal and external partners—including human resources teams, field sales representatives, approved business partners and subsidiary companies—instant access to your branded materials, forms, employee handbooks, benefits information, samples and more, all with pre-set branding, templates and approval workflows.

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User-friendly drag-and-drop user interface with modern web framework and responsive design.
Real-time reporting and detailed workflow metrics for better budget analysis and planning.
As-needed ordering options to eliminate extra inventory storage requirements.
Pre-approved formats and templates, with easily customizable options for pre-set permission levels, maintains brand consistency.
Structured flexibility, with password protection and limited right-of-entry, ensures security while offering controlled freedom-of-use by all approved personnel.
Convenient 24/7 ordering
Instant pricing
Easily personalize, proof, and approve products
Quickly re-order from Order History
Reduced errors

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Associates International / Table of Elements

Ak Assembly and Kitting
Br Branding
Cy Copywriting and Proofreading
Da Dedicated Onsite Account Teams
Do Digital and Offset
Em Email Marketing

Ff Fulfillment
Gd Graphic Design
Im Inventory Management
Lb Leveraged Buying and Savings
Ma Marketing Automation
Ms Microsites

Os Online Storefronts
Pi Promotional Items
Qr QR and Mobile Barcoding
Rm Reporting and Metrics
Se SEO and SEM
Si Shipping and Logistics Management

Sm Social Media
So Sourcing
Sp Specialty Packaging
Wd Web Design