Getting Creative: How Ai helped a longtime client launch its new brand identity

A longtime client had a rapidly approaching grand opening of its new, state-of-the-art corporate headquarters. Leveraging a robust library of print and digital content to market its capabilities, Ai’s client needed a trusted partner to execute elements of its global re-brand, complete with marketing and sales collateral for more than 50 worldwide satellite locations.

The Challenge

To execute its massive re-brand and meet tight deadlines, the client’s creative leadership needed to focus on brand strategy while lifting its own team’s burden of hundreds of hours of collateral redevelopment using new layouts. Through previous collaborations on print projects, the leadership team was acutely aware of the value Ai’s graphic production team, a part of its creative services, brought to the relationship and tabbed Ai for the job.

Formulating a plan

While the client’s internal creative team and agency had developed the new visual brand and had copywriters on staff diligently updating the company’s messaging, the scope of the project required a partner to pull together all of the digital assets and content. The end result would be a completely new look for its print and digital collateral, spanning multiple business lines with several pieces written in English, French, Dutch and Spanish in order to support its global services. Ai’s expertise in helping clients implement their marketing plans made for a perfect fit.

Staying the course

Knowing that timing was tight to ensure the re-brand was ready for the grand opening, Ai worked closely with the client to establish multiple project checkpoints, keeping work flow moving forward to meet hard deadlines.

Over the next six months, Ai and the client’s creative team collaborated on re-branding more than 150 different services spec sheets and multi-page white papers, with roughly half converted to A4 format to accommodate the European languages and design principles. Each piece required new layouts, color schemes and copy that strictly followed the client’s newly established brand standards, a critical element to the project.

A spectacular finish

When the dust settled, Ai’s creative team had produced more than 150 pieces of newly-branded content. Additionally, the client entrusted Ai to bring the full project to bear by printing new presentation folders and the English versions of the spec sheets for its sales team.

The success of the re-brand project led to the client contracting Ai again when a new, custom welcome kit and tour guide was needed for its new headquarters. Leaning on Ai’s graphic production and printing expertise, the client is now welcoming visitors to its campus with a dynamic, 16-page booklet set inside a die-cut folder, further strengthening the impact of the client’s new brand identity.

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