3 Benefits of Outsourcing Creative Services Versioning

It’s no secret creative services teams in both corporate and agency environments are consistently overwhelmed. From continuous digital ad changes to large projects that require multiple brand versioning and other layers of creative requirements, much of this work is time consuming. More concerning, this type of creative services versioning typically prohibits teams from focusing on what they do best – delivering their organizations’ branding and messages.

To help their own creative teams flourish, many customers tap into Ai’s capability to handle production-level, templated creative services versioning that alleviates the daily stress of keeping marketing campaigns up to date.

Here are the top three reasons customers use Ai for creative services versioning.

Frees up time

Perhaps at the top of customers’ priorities, outsourcing high-volume, templated creative services projects gives marketing and creative teams – and agency partners – the time and resources to focus on key objectives, such as marketing strategy, brand standards and metrics.

Many of these projects are simply multiple versions of the same content, such as branded sell sheets, quarterly product catalogs, or weekly digital ad copy and image changes, to name a few. These production-level tasks are critical to campaign success yet are extremely time-consuming for an internal creative team to stay on top of.

Additionally, many of our smaller agency partners require the flexibility to scale into larger projects without the need to bring in additional resources.

A fraction of typical design costs

Creative services agencies may charge much higher rates than Ai as they have larger overhead costs due to the nature of the work they provide, including conceptualization and strategic planning of a campaign and multiple layers of account management.

Our core commercial printing business requires a creative team staffed for multiple shifts, six days a week, allowing us to streamline creative services versioning and overflow work – saving customers and agencies time and money.

Minimal training or ramp-up is needed

The nature of outsourced, templated creative services versioning allows for easy startup for new and existing projects. Many of our customers simply add seats for Ai to their cloud-based project management platform and share assets, instructions and scheduling directly with our team.

In turn, we provide completed projects in a timely, agreed-upon window that keeps campaigns fresh and on-point with brand standards.

Ultimately, outsourcing creative services for production-level and versioning projects saves customers time, money, and stress when managing ongoing campaigns that require precise changes at a rapid pace.

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