3 Lessons From Successful Pharma Print Ads

When you think of a pharmaceutical ad, we’re guessing the first thing that comes to mind is the long list of side effects, medicine regulations, risk disclosures and other strict guidelines. If you work in the pharma industry, is that really how you want your company to be remembered?

We didn’t think so.

As marketing practices continue to evolve, pharmaceutical companies must follow suit to keep up with increased consumer demand for personalized experiences. And believe it or not, today’s pharma marketers are better understanding how to engage in out-of-the-box marketing practices while still including the necessary information in their print ads.

Continue reading to learn how you can level up your pharma company’s marketing game and gain more traction from print ads.

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1. Pharma Print Ads Can Be Fun and Powerful

Creative elements are one of the most efficient tactics when it comes to advertising—it’s more memorable, longer lasting and can build your consumer base, fast.

Studies have shown that creative messages get more attention and lead to positive attitudes about the products being marketed.

We recommend using the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) to pinpoint the level of creativity of your print ad. Start by evaluating it among the following five dimensions:

  • Flexibility. An ad smoothly links the product to a range of different uses or ideas.
  • Originality. An ad is composed of elements that are rare or surprising.
  • Elaboration. An ad contains unexpected details or extends simple ideas so that they become more intricate.
  • Synthesis. An ad blends or connects normally unrelated objects or ideas.
  • Artistic Value. An ad contains aesthetically appealing visual elements.

2. Pharma Print Ads Should Look Beyond the Product

In order for print ads to work, some believe you have to show the product front and center to make the consumer aware of what you’re selling. However, showing a medicine bottle or a pharmacy is not always the most appealing—it can sometimes be scary or triggering.

To help improve the effectiveness of your pharma print ads, you need to begin thinking beyond your product and enhance the story it can tell.

For example, the ad below uses friendly language and shows the product in a softer tone (e.g. as the teeth in the smile) rather than just a pack of pills. While the messaging doesn’t directly say what the product is for, it still explains the purpose (creating a healthier world).

3. Pharma Print Ads Don’t Have to be All Words

Today’s consumer yearns for ads that are short, sweet and to the point—and sometimes that simply means photos. Photos may not look like advertisements at first glance, but that’s sort of the point. Ads with no words force us to notice them without ever realizing they’re an ad.

To master this tactic, you must first have a brand that is well established and credible. If you’re a start-up and attempting this sort of print advertising, chances are consumers won’t understand who you are and what you’re selling. Pharma companies like Dabur Gastrina have made a name for themselves, which gives them the opportunity to test print ads like the one you see pictured here.

Enhance Your Print Ads

Whether you’re launching a new product or need to quickly reach customers with important information, a flexible, single source for all your print and digital communications needs is vital. Contact us today to learn how we can support you in the pharmaceutical industry.

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