Think back to the last time you received a piece of mail from a nonprofit or a credit card company inviting you to take advantage of a special offer. Did you notice it was a mass-produced marketing effort that didn’t really speak to you? It’s likely because it wasn’t personalized at all. Personalizing your direct mail campaign is key to achieving high performance on the campaign, but it’s not possible without variable data printing. 

Variable data printing is popular because it helps companies connect with their target audiences on a more personal level. But there are more ways it can impact your bottom line, thanks to increased ROI on your campaigns. 

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing is a digital printing technique that allows for personalized and customized content to be printed.

Unlike traditional printing, variable data printing allows each printed item to be unique, using data and software to change specific information for each individual piece. 

For example, your printed piece could include a different personal identifier for each recipient, such as their name or the state they live in, a different color or graphic, and useful components like a barcode or QR code. For these reasons, it’s often used for highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, such as those for colleges and universities, nonprofits, and financial institutions.

But on top of that, it’s also known to increase return on investment (ROI) in other ways. 

Variable Data Printing Increases Response Rates

With variable data printing, you can personalize your marketing messages to each individual recipient, making them more relevant and engaging. Personalized messages have been shown to increase response rates, resulting in higher conversion rates and a better ROI.

One of our customers, a financial institution, runs a self-mailer campaign promoting its credit card products. Everything from the cover photo, credit card image and promotional offer is personalized to each recipient. This allows them to run very targeted campaigns that drive a much higher conversion rate than previous static campaigns which were sent at high quantities. 

Variable Data Printing Can Increase Brand Loyalty

Any marketer knows that personalized communication can create a deeper connection between your brand and the recipient. When you send printed materials that are clearly personalized for the recipient’s individual needs and circumstances, you’re showing that your brand understands the customer and cares about their expectations. 

The end result? Increased brand loyalty and repeat business.

Discuss Variable Data Printing With an Expert

Interested in implementing more personalization in your next marketing campaign? Discuss variable data printing with our expert team to save time and money and increase ROI on your next campaign. 

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