Is your company struggling to maintain internal brand consistency? You need marketing asset portal.

To maintain brand consistency, many organizations rely on branding guides that communicate standards with external vendors for large, static printing projects, direct mail campaigns and digital advertising.

However, when faced with applying variable information to standard sales and marketing collateral, promotional products and giveaways, or employee apparel and merchandise, many branding teams struggle to corral these projects under their guidelines – especially across large geographic regions or multiple departments with their own buying power.

There is a simple, cost-efficient solution to bring brand consistency under one digital roof – a marketing asset portal.

What is a Marketing Asset Portal?

A marketing asset portal is a custom marketing and sales asset platform designed for simplicity and easy integration with your company’s infrastructure, delivering a flexible and responsive online store for individual employees, departments and even customers to order a variety of print, marketing and promotional materials.

Examples include sales and marketing collateral, promotional products, employee gifts, stationery, business cards and other branded materials that can have brand standards applied with options to customize certain aspects, such as personal information or department information. Ordering, fulfillment and inventory management are available at your teams’ fingertips, with quick turnaround times and scaled pricing.

Here are the most common ways our clients use marketing asset portals to keep their brand consistent while getting their teams the printed materials and products they need.

Web to Print

A perfect solution for customizable document templates using variable data, web-to-print portals allow your team to create personalized collateral while maintaining brand integrity. Common applications include sell sheets, brochures, stationary, catalogs, business cards, direct mail postcards and more.

Product Store

Whether you need easy selection, ordering and management of promotional products or a consumer retail solution, product stores provide your internal and external customers an easy-to-use interface to order the items they want and need. For internal needs, a product store gives purchasing power to your teams across a multitude of items, from trade show collateral and event giveaways to employee merchandise and apparel, connecting your brand with employees, customers and fans.

Fulfillment & Inventory Management

With a custom marketing asset platform, you can build back-end inventory controls that give your marketing, production, purchasing, trade show and sales teams seamless access to ensure branding, budgets, production and workflows align. The portals provide 24/7 access to users, admins, and warehousing and distribution teams to quickly receive, pick and ship orders as they come in or at pre-determined intervals.

Partner Marketing

Partner marketing portals allow your company’s internal and external partners – including human resources teams, field sales representatives, approved business partners and subsidiary companies – instant access to your branded materials, forms, employee handbooks, benefits information, samples and more, all with pre-set branding, templates and approval workflows.

Many of our clients use portals for these applications and more due to the level of customization that, coupled with easy to use administration tools and reporting, help them maintain the brand consistency they require at a scale they need.

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