The Ai Team is Growing: Welcoming Our New Hires

Introducing the Newest Additions to Team Ai

Mindy Killian • CSR

Mindy Killian joined the Ai Team in March 2024 as the newest member of the Client Service Representative team. She will be working with clients to get new projects into queue, monitor project progress, and maintain records.

“I’m excited to be joining the Ai team,” said Mindy. “It’s a family business and everyone seems to genuinely enjoy working together. Coming from a large corporation with average turnover of 2-3 years, it’s refreshing to be joining a team with dedicated people who have been part of the Ai mission for 10+ years.”

Killian wanted to be a therapist when she was younger. That interest has manifested through her life in varying ways, including her passion for building relationships with clients. She strives for depth of understanding not only in those around her but also within applications and tasks. At her previous employer, her team placed second in a research and presentation competition.

Her love for understanding the “why” behind choices is also present in her content consumption. When asked who her favorite content creator is she responded, “Cinema Therapy. They have a beautiful, well-balanced blend of analyzing film from both a psychological and a film perspective.”

Anne Slater • Accounting Associate

Ann Slater joined the Ai team in April 2024 as Accounting Associate. She will be responsible for accounts payable as well as various accounting projects alongside Business Office colleagues.

“Ai has an excellent reputation with clients,” Ann said. “I’m looking forward to bringing my previous work experience in accounting and data analytics to the team, and growing with the company. I’m always interest in learning something new—I enjoy challenges.”  

Amy York • Senior Marketing Manager

Amy York joined Ai in March 2024 as Senior Marketing Manager. She will be responsible for driving marketing strategy and creative execution across multiple channels, aligning goals to support sale initiatives, and managing internal communications alongside department leadership.    

“I used to work with Ai while employed at a previous company,” said Amy. “I have always held the Ai team in high regard. The Customer service as well as the final output was just incredible, and of course, still is. When I saw Ai’s job posting, I was excited to learn more about where they were headed in an era where print seems to compete fearlessly with digital. I’ll give a little teaser—there are a lot of things in works that will come to fruition over the next 18 months. Very exciting!

I love being part of growing energy. I love building teams, projects, and structure from the ground up. This is an exciting time of evolution for Ai, and I feel very fortunate to be here with them driving new incentives.”

Outside of working hours, Amy stays busy teaching yoga and barre classes around northern Delaware, tap dancing, gardening, traveling, and exploring local hiking trails. “I’m naturally curious—about everything,” Amy said. “Life is all about the experiences we collect. I love learning, testing new trends and ideas, and exploring new places. Making time for discovery is important—for both the professional mind and the individual soul.”

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