Use these print finishing options to elevate your brand in 2019

The New Year has arrived, and marketing teams are planning how they will make their brands shine in a crowded 2019 marketplace.  While many marketers continue to use print to deliver their brand’s message, opportunities abound to not only improve the impact of their printed pieces, but to augment them as well.

We don’t need to tell marketers that design, along with effective messaging, is critical to a printed piece’s success. However, there are many advances in print technology that can really make a piece stand out yet are often overlooked.

Gone are the days of simply applying a gloss or matte finish to printed materials. When designing for print, factor in these techniques to communicate the look and feel of your brand or product.

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    UV and Textured Treatments

    The printing industry has made incredible strides in recent years with various finishing treatments, moving well beyond standard gloss and matte paper to create impactful print pieces that appeal to the senses while providing creative flexibility without cost being a barrier.

    For example, Spot UV is eye-catching and allows you to highlight and draw attention to featured elements. It has the glossy look people are accustomed to, and while not as new as some other finishes, it is very effective and can be used on almost any application.

    A perfect complement to Spot UV, Raised UV builds up the spot coating to create dimensions that you can see and feel, allowing for more impactful designs. Raised UV is perfect for depicting liquids and other design elements that you want to make more experiential.

    Sand UV and other textured treatments can bring your brand to life by turning a printed piece into more than just a visual experience. Some great applications for textured treatments include nature scenes with rocks or sand and photos featuring brick or wood.

    Clear Dry Ink

    Need to highlight an image so it jumps off the page? With Clear Dry Ink, you can take your creativity to another level with this decorative spot varnish effect. Clear Dry Ink pops off the page, drawing instant attention to images and messaging on direct mail and packaging, and simulates a pearlescent or metallic appearance and watermarks for artistic effect on photo books, catalogs and other high-end creative pieces.

    Specialty Coatings

    Experiential marketing has staked its claim among the top strategies the last few years, and for good reason – consumers and B2B customers want to have as much information as possible before they buy, and the competition for their attention is fierce. A great way to incorporate experiential marketing into print is through specialty coatings. Many coatings, like Soft Touch Aqueous, can enhance the sense of touch on a printed piece, while others, like scented coatings, are great options for food, fragrance and other industries where triggering the sense of smell can influence buying decisions.


    By using specially-designed metal blades that are mounted onto a wood block, your print project can be die-cut to almost any shape, in any quantity, to really make your brand stand out. Does your product have a unique shape that, when marketed to customers, would resonate if it had a unique shape? Then die-cutting is a must have finishing option.

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