Many companies are making direct mail an afterthought—are you guilty?

If so, you’re not alone. However, we’d like to change your perspective on direct mail and show you how it can be combined with your existing digital strategy to increase ROI. 

Follow along for tips on how to fit the two together to enhance your overall approach to marketing.

Fitting Direct Mail and Digital Together

First, let’s define digital marketing and direct mail marketing. 

Digital marketing is extremely broad—it encompasses email, paid advertising, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. Direct mail marketing is more defined—it’s a physical piece of marketing sent to your prospects’ and customers’ mailboxes in the form of a letter, postcard, catalog and/or coupons.

Although two completely different mediums, neither channel should exist in a silo. In fact, fitting direct mail and digital together will set you apart from your competitors in many ways:

  • Fewer marketers have managed to integrate direct mail with their digital strategy, setting you apart.
  • Combining direct mail and digital will help you reach a wider audience.
  • The strength you’d be giving your omnichannel marketing would drive higher ROI for your marketing efforts.

Implementing this approach will immediately make your entire marketing strategy more powerful and opens up new avenues to drive, retarget and retain leads. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading to learn how to integrate direct mail with your digital marketing strategy.

Direct Mail + Email Marketing

When done properly, combining direct mail with email marketing could increase your typical response rates by 35%—and in turn seriously impact your pipeline. But how? While there are a number of ways to execute a campaign like this, here’s an example strategy:

  1. Begin by sending your unique direct mail piece to prospects.
  2. After a week passes, follow up with a personalized email and enroll contacts into an automated workflow
  3. Use the workflow to touch base with prospects up to four additional times. 
  4. Meanwhile, enact a retargeting advertising campaign that reminds prospects of your brand while they’re visiting other websites.

Because email marketing is used more frequently by marketers, this approach captures the target audience’s attention through direct mail first. Using strong calls to action (CTA) throughout the entire campaign will urge prospects to respond. 

⭐️ Tip — Test dynamic CTAs throughout your emails and direct mail pieces to see which resonates best and provides the greatest results amongst your audience.

Direct Mail + Display Advertising

Display ads are often made up of text-based, image or video components that encourage a user to click through to a landing page and take action. Similar to the above section, display advertising can be used in conjunction with your direct mail campaign. 

It’s possible to match your direct mail data file to IP addresses that target specific prospects on your mailing list. This cookie-free marketing tactic shows banner ads on random websites your prospects are browsing (e.g. as they are shopping for new shoes).

By incorporating your direct mail activities with your display advertising strategy, you’ll be given endless opportunities to urge your prospects to convert.

⭐️ Tip — Display advertising can affect people at all funnel stages from awareness, consideration and decision. This method allows you to see real-time click rates to monitor progress.

Direct Mail + Social Media

Social media has become one of the greatest assets marketers can leverage in today’s digital world. Why not pair it with direct mail to stand out?

Some companies have a difficult time differentiating themselves on various social media platforms. However, combining those efforts with direct mail can help you create a more unique and memorable user experience.

Even more, cross-promoting your content on social media and through your direct mail pieces can build anticipation and excitement around wider marketing efforts—think of it as a “sneak peak” for those signed up for your mailing list. 

⭐️ Tip — Add social media icons with your company’s username or handle on direct mail pieces to encourage prospects to follow your accounts. You could even add a QR code that instantly links the prospect to the corresponding platform.

Multiply Your Leads with Multichannel Marketing

If you’re looking to launch a new digital marketing campaign, our team of experts is trained to set you up for success and multiply your leads with multichannel marketing. Contact us today to learn how we can support you in incorporating direct mail with digital.

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