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How Associates International Has Pioneered Marketing Methods for 50 Years

Celebrate Associates International’s 50-year anniversary and discover how our print and digital solutions have exceeded customer expectations. 


What is The Importance of Personalization in Digital Marketing?

Personalization meets consumer demand and improves marketing strategy in many ways, including higher conversion rates.


How to Combine Direct Mail with Digital

Many companies are making direct mail an afterthought—are you guilty? If so, you’re not alone. However, we’d like to change your perspective on direct mail and show you how it can be combined with your existing digital strategy to increase ROI.  Follow along for tips on how to fit the two together to enhance your overall approach to marketing. Fitting

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3 Ways Printed Materials Make an Impact for Financial Services Companies

Despite an ever-increasing shift to digital communications, the financial services industry is one that remains remarkably reliant on printed materials. The need to send mailings to current and prospective customers is a constant for banks and other financial institutions. From credit card offers and legal disclosures, these types of materials are still sent to consumers via direct mail more than

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How to Make College Acceptance Letters Go Viral

In higher education, competition for the best and brightest applicants can be fierce. Universities seek every edge possible in making their institution intriguing and attractive for prospective students. When reaching out to younger audiences, having a strong presence on social media is crucial, because the average teenager spends more than three hours each day on social networking platforms. But it’s

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How to Use IP Targeting for Non-Profits

IP targeting is a powerful tool for non-profits to be able to connect with their most loyal donors and reach new ones.


Financial Services Marketing Trends We’re Forecasting for 2022

The financial services industry has seen dramatic shifts over the past two years. There’s reason to believe these changes are permanent, leading to a dramatic shift in the way this industry does business. Discover what marketing trends we see in store for 2022.


How to Simplify Your Digital Marketing Decision Making

Associates International can help you plan your next digital marketing campaign. This free tool can guide you to the right campaign to fit your needs, timeline and budget.


Multichannel Marketing for Beginners

Today’s marketing landscape offers more avenues than ever to connect with your audience. So how exactly do you get started? Learn how and why you should explore multichannel for your next campaign.


Privacy Concerns and Other FAQs About IP Targeting

As you embark on a digital marketing strategy, it’s worth understanding the legality of the the technology as well as the ethical considerations that go along with it. Learn more in this recent post.