How to Use IP Targeting for Non-Profits

As consumers spend increasingly more time online, connecting them to the products and causes they care about the most requires shifts in marketing methods.

The days of a non-profit organization using only traditional methods, such as direct mail and telemarketing outreach, are long gone. Today’s non-profit organization needs to use the same strategies that for-profit businesses use to reach their audiences, including IP targeting.

So how can non-profit organizations best use IP targeting to connect with their most loyal donors and reach new ones?

What Is IP Targeting?

We’ve written extensively about IP targeting in the past and the ethical considerations with using this data. In short, using IP data for marketing purposes is completely legal and does not constitute a breach of trust with your audience.

IP targeting allows you to target your audience by using their IP address (a unique address that identifies a specific device on the internet) to serve them relevant ads to your organization. By using the IP address, you can hyper-segment your ads to those who are most likely to support your cause.

How to Use IP Addresses for Non-Profits

Because IP targeting allows you to specifically send your messaging to those who are most likely to act on it, it provides a powerful tool for non-profits who often operate on limited budgets.

Some of the common applications for IP targeting include:

  • Targeted display advertising, to ensure you’re sending ads only to those interested in seeing them.
  • Fully customizable implementation, to have far greater control over your campaign, with emphasis on when and how frequently your ads are served.
  • Cross-channel marketing, to connect with your audience via multiple methods, better ensuring that your audience can make an informed decision about your organization.
  • Geotargeting, which allows you to serve ads to individuals who are within a specific geographic location—such as near an ongoing charity run or food drive.

Why You Should Use IP Targeting with Your Non-Profit

There are multiple benefits for non-profit organizations when it comes to using IP targeting for their multichannel campaigns.

  1. No wasted dollars. Non-profits rarely have expansive budgets to connect with their supporters, needing to make the most out of every dollar spent in their ad spend. Unlike search engine advertising through Google Ads, which serves ads to all who search for a specific term, IP targeting only delivers ads to those who have an interest in your organization.
  2. Look-alike modeling. Using the IP address of known supporters of your organization, you can create a model that identifies other potential donors that you can reach out to through their IP address.
  3. Instantaneous conversions. By creating ads that direct visitors directly to a donation page, you can convert visitors into donors quickly. Other methods of reaching your audience may not allow for an instant response.

Get Started On Your Next IP Targeting Campaign

IP targeting likely isn’t something you can do on your own. You need a trusted partner to assist with getting your campaign off the ground. Associates International can help you reach your audience and increase your donor base. Contact us today to learn more.

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