Online display advertising is an effective method of adding digital reach to other marketing efforts, like direct mail. But without a proper understanding of just how impactful online display advertising can be, what makes it so powerful, and how to harness that power, you’re likely missing out on new customers—and getting previous customers back.

Gone are the days when a physical marketing presence was all you needed to capture customers’ attention. Today, it’s essential that your organization’s CRM reaches customers with digital display—can your CRM make it happen? With IP Targeting, it can. But what, exactly, is IP Targeting?

What Is IP Targeting?

Before we get into IP targeting, let’s define an IP. An IP is a shorthand for an Internet Protocol Address, which is a unique series of numbered code associated with every unique device that’s part of an internet network. Each device connected to a network is identifiable through these unique numerical sequences, each separated by periods. Simply, an IP address is attached to every device when it accesses an online network.

So, what does this have to do with marketing? A lot, actually. When you know a target customer’s IP address, you can market directly to them via their internet network. In short, if you have their IP address, you can reach them with targeted ads.

IP targeting is a digital marketing technique that enables you to hyper-target your ideal audience by using their IP address to show them specific online ads. It’s an excellent solution for targeting both businesses and individuals as part of short- and long-term marketing strategies.

Why Is IP Targeting So Powerful?

IP targeting’s power lies in its ability to hyper-focus on your ideal customers, clients, and audience. No matter their location, you can send niche ads to a user so long as you know their IP address. It’s an indispensable tool if you have customers in your CRM you’d like to reach with digital display—especially if you have a list of inactive customers you’d like to reach with an offer to return.

Common IP Targeting Applications

IP targeting enables you to get in front of otherwise hard-to-reach customers through several paths and applications and offers additional benefits.

  • Targeted Display Advertising: Create custom campaigns for specific, targeted audiences. No wasted impressions when you use IP targeting.
  • Fully Customizable Implementation: You have the power to precisely control the start and end dates of your campaigns, the number of impressions served to your audience, and the time of the day and week—down to the minute—when the ads are served. This is exceptionally handy when trying to reach customers in other time zones or across globe.
  • Cross-Channel Marketing: Elevate your marketing efforts by combining IP targeting with direct mail to add a digital advertisement to the same households that receive a direct mail piece. By employing cross-channel marketing, you can ensure your audience has the digital and physical information they need to make an informed decision about your organization’s product or service.
  • High-Level Lead Generation: Look-alike modeling can match the current profile of your customers to prospects in targeted geographic areas. This allows you to target those specific prospects who are most likely to be receptive to your message. Hyper-target your prospects with digital ads, direct mail, or both.

5 Tips for Successful Strategies

  1. Know Your Audience: Clearly define your audience, their interests, and where you anticipate they will access their devices, including their geographic location.
  2. Don’t Over-Target: Focus, but don’t get so close to your audience that you miss out on other potential customers.
  3. A/B Test: If you’re new to the term, A/B testing means conducting two comparable campaigns with minor variations and measuring their successes. Go with the one that performs best.
  4. Speak Your Audience’s Language: In your ads, use the language your audience uses. If you don’t speak their language, they won’t hear you.
  5. Turn to the Pros: IP targeting isn’t exactly a DIY marketing technique. To ensure success, partner with IP targeting professionals to reach your audience—and grow your business.

Ready to elevate your cross-channel marketing with IP targeting? Reach out to Associates International today to learn how we can help you reach your customers.

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