August USPS Rate Increase: What It Means For Your Business

Effective August 29, 2021, the United States Postal Service has increased postage rates for what it calls its “market-dominant” products. These products include First Class Mail for letters, postcards, and flats.

Rate increases for these products are:

  • Stamps (including Forever) increasing 3 cents to $0.58.
  • Metered mail letters increasing 2 cents to $0.53.
  • First Class Flats (up to 1 oz.) increasing 16 cents to $1.16.
  • Postcards increasing 4 cents to $0.40.

These changes, which are typically approved in October each year and take effect the following January, mark the second increase in 2021. This change is made possible by a revision of the Postal Regulatory Commission’s rules that specify how much the USPS can increase postal rates each year.

As part of these changes, the rate change was implemented immediately in order to generate additional revenue in 2021. These increases are aimed at helping the USPS achieve financial stability.

For more information about the full scope of the rate increases, check out Ai’s updated 2021 Commercial and Non Profit Mailing Guide.

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    If you have a planned mailing coming up, keep these rate changes in mind, as they have a significant impact on your mailing budget. 

    Contact us today as our team is prepared to help you navigate these changes and determine ways to ensure your campaigns yield the results you need.

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