Many professionals of a certain age surely remember when digital marketing emerged on the scene, coupling with print media as the go-to approach for brand awareness, collateral creation, and overall marketing strategies. 

While it’s no secret that digital marketing is essential to an organization’s presence and success (and landing new and returning customers), print media still plays a vital role in a robust, multi-channel marketing strategy. Here’s why. 

Why Print Media Boosts Marketing Collateral 

Flatly stating that an entire marketing medium is dead reveals a mindset that doesn’t consider all avenues for getting a brand in front of its customers. It also shows that an organization has given itself over to trends rather than taking the time to explore why print media could still be an integral part of an overall marketing campaign.

Succinctly, most companies have shifted to (nearly) fully digital marketing—because virtually all of their target audience members are always online. However, a purely digital strategy means that organizations’ marketing materials, emails, and other collateral can get lost in the noise. Very few people read every email they receive from a company they’ve done business with once or twice, let alone click on an ad. 

Print Media Makes You Stand Out 

You didn’t start your business to blend in, so why would you let your messaging drown in the digital noise? Of course, you must have a digital presence. However, print media helps set you apart from the efforts of your competitors. Think about it: if you’re sending targeted digital ads to customers and you’re this close to landing them, sending a physical, expertly-designed asset may be the way to win them over. 

The same goes for trade shows, conferences, and other in-person events. You may have a beautiful digital display at your booth, but what happens when visitors leave your space? What do they have to recall your products and services? Dedicate time, energy, and resources to creating attractive, easy-to-read assets that complement your digital marketing materials. Some options include:

  • Condensing eBook chapters to one-pagers to hyper-target customers at every stage of the decision funnel 
  • Editing top-performing blog posts or landing pages for beautifully designed physical assets 
  • Creating new, custom content individual members of your target audience 

Tips to Elevate Your Print Media Marketing Materials 

No matter your industry, print media is an excellent way to reach new audiences and deliver relevant ads to existing ones. And, despite a mostly-digital media landscape, print media remains a crucial part of smart marketing strategies. Here are just a few ways you can ensure print media integration works for your organization. 

1. Get the right materials to the right audience. 

Just like your digital campaign, you have to know your audience for your print media to pay off. If you’re supplying material for a trade show booth, does it make sense to hand out full packets of information, or would something smaller like a postcard make more sense? The same goes for all other physical assets; spray-and-pray doesn’t work, so smartly allocate your funds elsewhere.

2. Invest in your design. 

No one is going to read a bland piece that’s just block after block of text—and especially one that lacks any personality. Once you have the messaging down, invest time and resources in creating the most attractive, on-brand design you can. If your asset doesn’t pop, it’s lost. 

3. Take pride in your design.

No matter where your asset ends up, make sure it looks great when it reaches your audience’s hands. Print your asset on thicker or more unique papers, design embossed or die-cut pieces, or use specialty coatings or finishing to add some texture for an elevated sensory experience. Your elegant, thoughtful design and presentation say more about your organization than about a basic printed asset. 

4. Keep tabs on your print campaigns. 

While you can’t create a UTM code for printed assets, there are ways to track your audience’s interaction, including:

  • Creating a QR code to send readers to relevant online assets 
  • Purchasing asset- or ad-specific phone numbers 
  • Including discount codes or coupons for either in-person or online redemption
  • Establishing a code on a response remit to understand where the piece originated from

Stand Out From Competitors With a Truly Unique Marketing Campaign 

There’s no denying that a digital marketing strategy is a must for all organizations. But dismissing print media and focusing solely on digital means missing out on customers and leaving revenue on the table.

For a truly effective multi-channel marketing strategy, you need to strongly consider print media’s role. While everyone may always be connected to devices, that never-ending digital cascade leaves some looking for a reprieve while they contemplate their next purchase or partnership. Make it easy on them, and serve them with best-in-class print media solutions. 

Curious about how Associates International can help make it happen? Reach out to us, and let’s get started. 

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