Marketing Under One Roof—And Why That Matters

A fragmented multi-channel marketing strategy is a marketing strategy destined for roadblocks, if not outright failure. You must have cohesive messaging, imagery, and execution. Aligning those elements is hard enough with an in-house marketing team; it becomes much more difficult if you outsource your copy, design, and physical printing to different agencies or organizations. Ultimately, physically or geographically fragmenting your marketing plan creates barriers.

When you choose a company like Associates International that provides a one-stop-shop experience for marketing needs, you remove the potential for fragmentation and streamline your team’s efforts. Here are just a few benefits of keeping your marketing needs under one roof.

Marketing Expertise and Input

Your team can only do so much, no matter how talented and well-funded it may be. When you outsource your marketing needs to Associates International, you can rest assured you’re getting expert input. You can rely on decades of cumulative expertise to drive your marketing initiatives without going between agencies and printers for printed collateral like mail, signage, and conference materials.

As far as digital marketing goes, you can benefit from:

  • Look-a-like modeling
  • Lead generation
  • IP targeting
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Email marketing
  • Microsites and landing pages
  • Other essential digital marketing elements

Save Time, Money, and Sanity

Benefiting from a single source for all of your marketing needs means you don’t waste precious time finding, vetting, negotiating, paying, and communicating with various agencies and printers just to get everything you need for a single campaign wrapped up in time for implementation.

For organizations of all sizes, this offers innumerable benefits; for smaller startups and organizations, it provides the ability to scale quickly and efficiently. For larger companies, it serves as an extension of your internal team, allowing for an enhanced production process.

The time you save growing your team while an experienced partner helps you grow your brand is a powerful one-two punch that can pay off faster than if you’d split your resources among multiple outside organizations.

Brand Continuity

Perhaps the biggest benefit to choosing an organization that offers each service you need under one roof is ensuring brand continuity. If your messaging doesn’t match your design, and your design doesn’t match your branding, and other elements don’t align, then, frankly, what’s the point of spending time developing your brand? If customers are confused, they’re more likely to seek out one of your competitors instead, costing you precious time and money.

Often, relying on multiple outside organizations can lead to not only financial loss, but missed opportunities to evolve your brand: if you’re playing catchup from a failed campaign, how can you expect to be innovative without being reactionary? Partnering with Associates International ensures that all of your messaging matches other elements of your marketing campaign for both digital and print marketing.


Your customers’ opinions of your brand are everything; if they don’t trust your brand, you can’t expect them to spend money on your product or services. Your offerings are your expertise. Ours is cohesively telling your brand’s story and ensuring you get the right materials to drive your brand forward—and we have the track record to show for it.

Associates International acts as your partner each step of the way, from ideation to execution, whether it’s a digital campaign, print media, or both. We’ve helped dozens of organizations craft their multi-channel marketing strategy, saving them countless hours by streamlining their strategy and helping them win new customers.

Trust Associates International With Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign and Print Needs

Regardless of your organization’s size and reach, you know how precious time and expertise are when it comes to crafting a successful multi-channel marketing strategy. When you choose Associates International, you can rest assured that our cumulative decades of expertise will prove fruitful for your organization. Reach out to us today to get started.

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