There are more ways than ever before to reach your audience—which is why dedicating all of your marketing resources to a single channel makes little sense. Your customers have different needs and preferences, and you should be seeking to connect with them through their desired method, not yours.

And while digital marketing is a proven marketing strategy, it’s not the only means by which to reach new customers and win back former ones. Besides, how can you expect to reach new customers if you don’t connect with them through their preferred media?

Multichannel marketing ensures that you’re connecting with your audience across several platforms, through different media, and with tailored messaging that resonates with them. Forget a one-size-fits-all marketing solution; multichannel marketing is an excellent way to get your brand in front of those who are eager to buy from those that resonate with their needs, wants, and identities. 

What Is Multichannel Marketing? 

Multichannel marketing is simply a diverse marketing strategy that enables you to reach your audience through as many avenues as you’d like, including direct mail or other physical means.

Consider a customer who opens your marketing emails. A multichannel approach might consider following up on their action by sending them a personalized promotion, either a physical mailing or digital piece.

Opting for multiple channels instead of a single, limited channel means that you create a consistent stream of messaging and assets for each member of your audience, no matter their location or preferred marketing method. And not everyone wants to be a part of your email campaign; some future customers appreciate occasional branded print marketing collateral

Why You Need Multichannel Marketing 

The number of ways to get in front of your audience continues to grow. However, you can confidently assume that one of your posts going viral on Tik Tok isn’t a sure-fire way to reach every member of your audience. You must understand each segment of your audience. If you don’t, you’re wasting time and money going after the wrong customers. 

That said, maybe an extra push on a specific social media platform or two is the right move for reaching certain demographics. Still, even the savviest digital users must put their phones down sometimes. Multichannel marketing gives you the chance to connect with them through other channels like:

From an ROI standpoint, multichannel marketing is a must. Customers exposed to your multichannel marketing efforts spend three to four times more than those exposed only to single-channels efforts. No matter how much you invest, you can expect a significant ROI—if you do it right. 

Here’s how you can ensure you create an effective multichannel marketing strategy. 

4 Tips to Create a Successful Multichannel Marketing Strategy 

Whether you’re targeting a massive audience or really dialing in your demographics to go after a select, promising few, getting your multichannel marketing strategy right is a must. 

Tip #1: Know Your Audience: Without well-developed personas, you’re driving blind. Be sure you know your audience’s needs to meet them and make it clear that you’re the solution to those needs. 

Tip #2: Know Your Channels: Social media may be a great way for some companies to connect with their audiences, but it’s not an across-the-board rule. Find out what works for you. Some proven channel combinations include:

  • Direct mail campaigns with email follow-up
  • SEO and PPC
  • Social Media and PPC
  • Direct mail and IP Targeting
  • Content Marketing and Social Media
  • Print Media and Social Media
  • Content Marketing through IP Targeting 

Multichannel doesn’t have to be limited to just different digital channels. Consider mixing things up with multiple physical pieces, or a combination of physical and digital assets. Remember, your audience is engaged in a number of different areas, so you should attempt to connect with them in multiple ways as well.

Tip #3: Know Your Messaging: No matter who you’re targeting on which channel, you must keep messaging consistent. If a potential customer sees even a few of your online ads and the language isn’t consistent with your direct mail collateral, how can you expect them to believe that you’re the solution to their problems? You can’t. Be confident, accurate, and consistent in your messaging across all channels. 

Tip #4: Know Your Goals: Before you launch your campaign, your team must determine how you’ll measure whether or not it was a success. One of the challenges of a multichannel marketing campaign is finding overlapping KPIs. You should select channel-specific KPIs and evaluate per channel, then make any changes as needed. It might take some dialing in, but the payoff is worth the extra effort. 

Serve Your Audience the Content They Want with a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

People see hundreds to thousands of ads, images, and text boxes per day. What are you doing to ensure your marketing efforts rise above the rest? 

Implement a multichannel marketing strategy to get your brand in front of the right audience, increase your ROI, and earn customers that will keep coming back. Reach out to Associates International to learn how we can help you make it happen. 

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