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How to Plan Perfect Promotional Postcards for Prospective Students

With an audience used to attention-grabbing pieces, direct mail still plays a useful role in recruiting prospective students. Discover some items you should consider when planning your next recruiting pitch.


Does Your Packaging Reflect Your Company’s Brand?

Your packaging is often the first impression a customer gets of your brand identity. Is the look of your product’s packaging matching the brand you’ve been working hard to cultivate?


Top 3 Print Ads From The Pharmaceutical Industry In 2021

With all eyes on the pharmaceutical industry in 2021, several companies took advantage with noteworthy campaigns. Our latest blog post examines three examples that caught our eye.


Financial Services Marketing Trends We’re Forecasting for 2022

The financial services industry has seen dramatic shifts over the past two years. There’s reason to believe these changes are permanent, leading to a dramatic shift in the way this industry does business. Discover what marketing trends we see in store for 2022.


How to Simplify Your Digital Marketing Decision Making

Associates International can help you plan your next digital marketing campaign. This free tool can guide you to the right campaign to fit your needs, timeline and budget.


What’s in a Packaging Decision? A Lot, Actually.

The decisions that go into creating the packaging for your products are just as important as the products themselves. In this blog post, learn three questions you should ask when planning your packaging materials.


Multichannel Marketing for Beginners

Today’s marketing landscape offers more avenues than ever to connect with your audience. So how exactly do you get started? Learn how and why you should explore multichannel for your next campaign.


3 Key Differences Between Offset and Digital Printing

Offset and digital printing offer very different capabilities and advantages. Which method is right for your print job? Check out our latest post to discover key questions to ask before your next project.


The Cost of Paper Is Rising; How Do You Reach Your Audience?

With the rising cost of paper, reaching your audience can be more expensive than ever. Discover how you can diversify your marketing strategy to continue to connect with your customers through digital and multi-channel campaigns.


What Is IP Targeting?

IP Targeting allows you to hyper-target your products and services to your customers and prospects on any device. You can also use this to create a look-alike model of your existing customers to reach new prospects. Learn how Associates International can help.